Can a US Citizen Travel to Australia Without a Visa?

Find out if US citizens need an Australian tourist visa or Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) when traveling from the US to Australia.

Can a US Citizen Travel to Australia Without a Visa?

Whether you're visiting Australia for a short period of time or planning to migrate, you must have a valid Australian visa. If you are planning to visit Australia on vacation, as a U. S. citizen you will need an Australian tourist visa (also known as an “Australian vacation visa”).

Unless you are an Australian citizen, you will need a valid Australian visa to enter the country. New Zealand passport holders can apply for a visa upon arrival in the country. All other passport holders, regardless of age, must apply for a visa before leaving home. You can apply for a variety of Australian visa types, including tourist visas and holiday and work visas, at the nearest Australian embassy or consulate.

You can also apply for certain types of visas on the Australian Department of Home Affairs website. Of course, anyone traveling to Australia without an Australian passport will need a visa upon arrival and, for those under 18, the ETA will be based on the child's passport. For other types of visas, you may be asked for other identification, including the biographical pages of your passport, travel documents and the IDs of your travel companions. If you are traveling for medical treatment or work, you will need other travel documents to enter the country. An Australian tourist visa applied for in the U.

using an electronic travel authorization will allow you to enter Australia for up to 90 consecutive days for one year from the date of issue. For holders of U. passports who wish to travel from the U. to Australia, there is no age limit for tourist visas. Passport holders who travel to Australia for tourist or business purposes for less than 90 days can obtain an ETA.

If you want to travel to Australia for a short-term visit and study, you may be eligible for a visitor visa. While you can apply for a traditional visa on paper or with a stamp, Australia also offers an e-visa for U. citizens, also known as the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). If you are planning to travel to Australia with an ETA tourist visa, you should know that it is not legal to work with an ETA. In order to apply for an Australian tourist visa, you must travel to Australia on vacation or visit friends or family, and have a valid passport.

Airlines and many travel agencies in the United States can also apply for ETAs on behalf of travelers. This is a multiple-entry visa; once you get the visa for the U. online, you'll be able to travel to Australia multiple times in a year after it's broadcast. If you are already in Australia and hold a valid Electronic Travel Authority visa (subclass 60), you can extend your stay by applying for another visa, such as a visitor visa (subclass 600).Travel Authority e-Visa (Subclass 60) This visa allows you to visit Australia as many times as you want, for up to one year, and stay three months on each visit.

Under the Australian Marriage Act, you don't need to be an Australian resident to get married in Australia.

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