Exploring Australia's Best Hiking Trails

Discover some of Australia's most stunning hiking trails! From Kings Canyon Rim Walk to Heysen Trail and Federation Peak - there are plenty of opportunities for all levels.

Exploring Australia's Best Hiking Trails

Hiking is an incredibly popular activity in Australia, with thousands of kilometers of trails running through its national parks and wild areas. From the coast to the interior, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the botanical and wildlife wonders of this pristine island. Whether you're looking for a short day hike or a multi-day trek, here are some of the best hikes in Australia that you should not miss. The Kings Canyon Rim Walk is one of the most famous day hikes in the country.

This six-kilometer hike in Watarrka National Park borders the edge of a spectacular 150-meter-deep canyon in Australia's Red Centre. The Cape to Cape Track is one of the best coastal walks in Australia. Located in the southwestern corner of Western Australia, 260 kilometers south of Perth, this rewarding multi-day hike winds 135 kilometers along coastal cliffs, surfing beaches and forests of giant karri trees. The entire 223-kilometer route lasts up to 14 days and is best covered by experienced hikers, but you can choose a combination of the 12 separate sections depending on your time limitations and ability.

The Larapinta trail offers a surprising view of the austere landscape of the interior. This multi-day hike starts at the old Alice Springs telegraph station and extends west to the spectacular beauty of Simpson's Gap, Ormiston Gorge and Stanley Chasm. It culminates with a steep climb to Mount Sonder, the highest point on the trail, with 360-degree views of the magnificent desert landscapes. About 115 kilometers from Sydney, the Blue Mountains National Park, a World Heritage Site, offers some of the best hikes in New South Wales.

In particular, the steep hike to the blue rubber forest has become a kind of spiritual pilgrimage for Australian hikers. This beautiful 16-hectare forest was saved from destruction in the early 1930s by passionate hikers who raised funds to buy the land. Nowadays, it's on the list of popular things to do in this magnificent wilderness area. The 12-kilometer route on the Wineglass Bay circuit offers perfect views of this sparkling cove, backed by the pink-tinted granite peaks of the Hazards.

The walk rises steeply to the Wineglass Bay viewpoint, from where you can contemplate views of the beautiful bay. From here, the track goes through the Hazards and descends to the beach itself. Stay here to enjoy the raw beauty. This excursion is one of the best short walks in Tasmania and is part of the 30-kilometer circuit of the Freycinet Peninsula.

It's also one of the best summer hikes in Australia, due to its southern latitude. Accommodations range from rustic campsites to luxury eco-friendly accommodations, such as Saffire Freycinet. Once you've absorbed the beauty of Uluru from a distance and captured photos of its changing colors at dusk, do yourself a favor and return at dawn to hike around its base. The 10-kilometer Uluru Base Walk circumnavigates this sacred rock and takes you through changing landscapes, from lush foliage to acacia forests, water wells, blood forests and a bare, sunburned desert.

It's a great way to get a different perspective on this famous Northern Territory tourist attraction. If you've always wanted to climb the highest peak in a county but you're not much of a mountaineer, you're in luck. On the Kosciuszko walk, you can enjoy a walk back and forth to the 2,228-meter summit of Mount Kosciuszko, the highest peak in Australia, in less than five hours with a little help from the Kosciuszko Express chairlift in Thredbo. From June to October, this well-maintained and clearly marked track is usually covered with snow so it's best to do this 14-kilometer circuit in summer.

Take advantage of chairlift as far as you can and from here; trail ascends past rugged granite outcrops Rams Head mountain range through heathland dotted with wildflowers past Lake Cootapatamba which was excavated by glaciers. This is one most challenging alpine trails Australia requires high level physical fitness more than half it exceeds 304 meters altitude so make sure book online least 24 hours advance also note weather can be capricious important pack equipment wet cold windy climates even summer. If you're looking for an even bigger challenge plan hike Federation Peak South West Tasmania National Park 1,274 meter high rocky spire Eastern Arthur Range toughest hikes Australia not faint hearted. Are you wondering what longest walk Australia? You'll find it South Australia - The 1,200 kilometer Heysen Trail extends from Cape Jervis southern coast Fleurieu Peninsula Parachilna Gorge Flinders mountain range but you can divide it into series half day hikes if you don't have time for whole route which takes up 60 days. This epic trail is named after Sir Hans Heysen (1877 - 196), born Germany famous Australian landscape painter who painted watercolors Australian jungle including Mount Lofty Flinders ranges. Now you too can be inspired by vibrant views along this iconic track. If you're looking for something more challenging West MacDonnell mountain range has almost 16 - 20 days hiking trail covering 223 km full gloomy but beautiful landscapes - it's not for beginners so make sure prepare well before going there - plan trip during colder months April - September. Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? Explore some of Australia's most stunning hiking trails! From Kings Canyon Rim Walk to Heysen Trail and Federation Peak - there are plenty of opportunities for all levels.

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