The 12 Best Cities to Visit in Australia: An Expert's Guide

Modern and sophisticated Sydney is one of Australia’s best cities for tourists looking for vibrant places to explore! Here’s an expert’s guide to 12 must-see cities in Australia.

The 12 Best Cities to Visit in Australia: An Expert's Guide

Modern and sophisticated, Sydney is one of the best cities for tourists to explore on a tour of Australia. With its great restaurants and bars, markets, museums and outdoor green spaces, Australia's cities are vibrant places to visit. But with the country's enormous size, it can be hard to decide which cities to visit. To help you out, here's an expert's guide to the 12 best cities to visit in Australia.

Sydney is a modern and sophisticated city that offers plenty of attractions for tourists. With its fantastic beaches and the Blue Mountains just around the corner, Sydney is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors. The city also has a vibrant dining scene with plenty of great places to eat and drink. Between Sydney and Melbourne lies Canberra, one of Australia's best cities for culture.

It is full of excellent museums, galleries and monuments, as well as plenty of outdoor activities like its huge central lake and the city's scrubland. Sydney is Australia's gateway to the world. Its iconic waters shine with the rays of the setting sun, while its more than 100 beaches make it a great place for beach lovers. Just two hours north of Sydney lies a variety of attractions in the area surrounding the city.

Wollongong is located just eighty kilometers south of Sydney. Despite not being particularly attractive, it has a beautiful backdrop on the green Illawarra scarp. Thanks to its university students, there's a lively atmosphere in the place and there are a number of good restaurants and bars to visit.


is located on the banks of the Tamar River and is the second largest city in Tasmania.

Despite its small stature, the city has beautiful colonial architecture and a lively art and gastronomic scene.


is located just 70 kilometers from Melbourne and its heart is centered on the Corio Bay waterfront. Although it used to be an industrial center, Geelong has passionate fans that make it perfect for watching an Australian football match. Many people use the city as a stop along the way to explore the Great Ocean Road and the Bellarine Peninsula.

Newcastle is Australia's second oldest city and it's a charming, relaxed place that's actually great to visit. Located on the coast of New South Wales, Newcastle has interesting historic architecture, lots of great surfing spots and beautiful beaches for visitors to enjoy. It was built on the basis of coal industry and is still the largest exporter of this mineral in the world. Newcastle is an ideal base from which to explore nearby mountains, beaches and vineyards in Hunter Valley.

Alice Springs may be located 1500 kilometers from the nearest city but it's well worth a visit. Although it may take some time and effort to get there, this small town offers scenic drives that are half the attraction. The Gold Coast's main attraction is its spectacular combination of sun, sea and surf. The apartment blocks tower over almost infinite variety of beaches, with Surfers Paradise being the most popular of all.

A beautiful place to visit, there's almost guaranteed sun here along with a lively party scene that will guarantee you have a great time on your visit here. In addition to all this there are also a variety of incredible amusement parks which you can easily spend two or three days exploring.


may be remote but it welcomes more people every year thanks to its plethora of attractions and captivating hustle and bustle. Its remote location on Tasmania helped preserve its historic buildings and Victorian architecture which can be explored by strolling along Hobart's famous waterfront or climbing up Mount Wellington for stunning views over Hobart City.

Darwin may be small but it has a rich cultural heritage unique to Australia thanks to its citizens from more than fifty nationalities who have created an eclectic mix of Asian and Aboriginal influences which make it fascinating to visit. A quiet town on the coast of Timor Sea in Northern Territory many people use Darwin as a base from which they can explore nearby natural wonders such as Kakadu National Park or Litchfield National Park or even take a trip out to Tiwi Islands. No trip to Australia would be complete without visiting Sydney - explore its dreamy surf beaches, picturesque harbor and endless list of stunning entertainment venues! Melbourne may be Australia's second largest city but it's also known as birthplace of Australian cricket so make sure you don't miss out on this must-see destination!.

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