10 Best Kayak Day Trips in Australia

Discover 10 amazing spots for kayaking in Australia! From Ngaro Marine Trail to Rottnest Island, explore these unique places for an unforgettable experience.

10 Best Kayak Day Trips in Australia

Are you looking for the best places to go kayaking in Australia? Look no further! From the Ngaro Marine Trail to Ningaloo Reef, there are plenty of amazing spots to explore. The Ngaro Marine Trail will take you across the spectacular Whitsunday Island and provide you with the most unique kayaking experience. You'll be able to witness Whitsunday Island's famous attractions, such as Whitsunday Cairn, rock art sites, and more. Ningaloo Reef is another great spot for kayaking in Australia.

Located on the shores of Cape Range National Park, these reefs create incredible lagoons for kayaking. You can also go snorkeling and witness unique marine creatures. The Freycinet Peninsula is another great place to explore from a kayak. This three-hour tour will take you to the beauty of Coles Bay, crossing the Hazards Mountains.

After a short walk from here, you can visit Wineglass Bay. Schouten Island is an unspoiled island where you can camp and explore sea caves for an unforgettable experience. The Katherine Gorge is also worth visiting from a kayak. The gorges offer picturesque views and are perfect for taking pictures.

The trip through the gorges is touching and gives you the most unique experience of kayaking. Sydney Harbour is another great spot for a day trip in a sea kayak. Start at Rose Bay and head to the Sydney Opera and Harbour Bridge. Paddle under the bridge and head to North Head before returning to Rose Bay. Depending on the number of corners you decide to cut, the route will be between 15 and 35 km. Moreton Bay Islands are a paradise for sea kayakers.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, paddlers can roam plains of sand and mud watching prolific birds and marine life, including dugongs. Head to Peel Island to circumnavigate areas that can only be accessed by kayak, or check out Green, St. Helena, or Coochiemudlo Islands. Lake Burley Griffin is the closest and most accessible place to get wet in the ACT, with no access to the sea. Created by reserving the Molonglo River, it is 11 km long and 1.2 km at its widest part. Boreen Point, on Lake Cootharaba, is the start of a day trip down the lower Noosa River.

Paddle a short distance along the shallow shores of the lake to find the southern exit. Sail along the narrow river between the melaleuca and casuarina forests to Lake Cooroibah and, further on, to Tewantin and Noosa Bar. Rottnest Island in Western Australia is another great spot for kayaking in crystal clear waters in a glass-bottom kayak. This protected nature reserve (which also attracts our attention because it is a car-free area) will allow you to kayak in one of the most beautiful places in Australia. Head to Pinky Beach to start your antics and keep your eyes peeled. Nitmulik Gorge in Northern Territory is also worth visiting from a kayak.

Here you can take off from almost any side of the river and we guarantee you a glorious and relaxing kayak like nowhere else in Australia. There's no doubt that you can spend an entire day submerging your paddle in and out of the water. If you're looking for some of the best places to go kayaking in Australia, then these spots are definitely worth checking out! From Sydney Harbour to Rottnest Island, there are plenty of amazing spots that will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

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